15th Feb2013

A Pleasant Surprise

Writer’s Bistro (hotel restaurant) in Asheville, nc

12th Jan2013


Dinner at Vinovino in Venice. I had (from top to bottom) the mixed salad, spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli, tiramisu, and Bellini. The service was great, the...

09th Jan2013

Chocolate Delight

Hot chocolate at venice’s CaffĂ© del Doge.

06th Jan2013

Crepes on the Go

Crepe with Nutella from a street vendor in Venice, Italy. Paired with a cup of hot red wine, this was a great snack as I explored the...

31st Dec2012

Marvelous Maribelle’s

While in Cincinnati I ended up at a trendy restaurant called Maribelle’s Tavern. The service was speedy and good, with friendly and happy staff. And the food...

29th Dec2012

Swedish Breakfast

On my last trip to Ikea (of all places) I purchased some Kungsornen Swedish Pancake Mix from their marketplace and I experimented with positive results. This lonely...

25th Dec2012


For Christmas day I give you a lovely little treat: genuine homemade fruitcake! A colleague’s grandmother in Texas made this, and it was really delicious. Oddly enough,...

24th Dec2012

Wintry Treat

This lovely little treat was specially made just for me at Heirloom Cafe in the Wexner Center at Ohio State University. It’s a peppermint hot chocolate, and...

20th Dec2012

Quiche, anyone?

I made this quiche from a recipe my mom got off the internet, and it was really delicious. I put spinach and black olives in it, along...

08th Aug2012

Afta Dinnah Special

While visiting some friends-of-a-friend who live in Vassalboro, Maine, I wound up at the Pointe Afta in Winslow, Maine (no website). The restaurant was definitely a local...