Food Alive!


I walked by Life Alive several times before I finally went in (mostly because every time I walked by, I had just eaten). I ordered the Island Alive smoothie, and it was delicious! It is made from banana, mango, pineapple, coconut oil, coconut-based ice cream, and almond milk. It was one of the most delicious smoothies I’ve ever had — and that’s saying something! I tend to compare all of my smoothies to the Santa Barbara, California-based smoothie company Blenders in the Grass, and Life Alive was the first one I’ve ever had that actually stood in the same league. Their style was very different from what I’ve usually had in a smoothie — it was more full of texture than it was ice-creamy, and it was completely delicious! I wish I’d stopped in sooner and tried some more smoothies, or even some of the food they offer.

Life Alive on Urbanspoon

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