Slated for Celebration


I went to Slate’s Restaurant in Hallowell, Maine, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Slate’s is an eclectically decorated, cozy, contemporary space that is both inviting and spunky. The friendly waitstaff was energetic and welcoming, and made our dining experience a lot of fun. We started with the Homemade Hummus and Tarratore Plate (below), which was a great dish to split between the three of us. It made for a light and nutritious appetizer that suited the social situation and eased our very empty stomachs. For my entree, I ordered one of their grilled pizzas on the homemade whole wheat crust (above). The one I chose was Slate’s version of the traditional Margherita pizza, and was topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and parmesan with a delicious balsamic drizzle.


Of course, no birthday celebration would be complete without a fancy beverage to spice things up. Our enthusiastic waitress told us about some fresh ingredients they had at the bar, and offered to have some cocktails specially made for us. I ended up with an extremely large and delicious Melon Purée Margarita (below), which was not only fun to look at, but fun to drink as well!


Slate's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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