What possibiliTEAs!

20140718-161401.jpgDobra Tea is an excellent place to go if you’re looking for a low-key hangout where you can take your time, enjoy yourself and your company, and just lounge for a few hours. Their service is interesting: upon arrival, they deliver a menu and a bell to your table. After that, whenever you want or need something, you ring the bell and their friendly staff will come over to help you. (This means that if you never ring the bell, nobody will ever come to your table — an important point to listen to when they stop by your table to greet you.) At first, I didn’t know what to make of this kind of service, but it grew on me. Mostly, it means that their servers are not in a rush to get clients in and out; instead, you’re welcome to take your time and stay at your leisure.

The small menu of food items is fresh, locally-sourced, and tasty and the tea selection is…quite frankly, it’s off the hook. This means you won’t run out of good options to keep your table stocked if you decide to sit for several hours (as many of their guests frequently do). Their service is friendly and informative, and the atmosphere is unique. Definitely worth a visit to see if this is (ahem) your cup of tea!


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