Santé is, first and foremost, a wine bar — and they do have an impressive selection of wines on tap. They also have beer and other beverages, and their food (which is the primary reason I go there) is very tasty. They serve up small bites (I’ve heard these referred to as European-style tapas) that are pretty damn good. I’m a big fan of their walnut and blue cheese spread (it looks like a brown ball in a bowl in the picture below), but pretty much everything I’ve eaten at Santé has been fantastic. I’ll admit that the service is hit-or-miss depending on who you get, but on a sunny day their patio can’t be beat and is well worth the slow (bordering on neglectful, with the wrong luck) service.

In addition to wine, Santé really does dessert right. If you take a look at the picture above and the last picture of the post, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. In my opinion, their desserts are the best-plated, best-tasting, and best-designed dishes of all.



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