pizza yum yum

photo by Anne Jansen

After two years of trying different kinds of pizza in Columbus, I’ve discovered the answer to the great question of what pizza parlor is the best in town: Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza. Located near the intersection of 10th and Neil, Adriatico’s (which is so good that it doesn’t require a website) is one of the few pizzas that has a delicious crust — one I actually find edible (I’m picky about crusts). Their thick crust, or Sicilian, pizza has a light and almost flaky crust. Their menu boasts 18 different toppings; 4 different sizes (including small/personal, medium, large, and Buckeye); 3 different thicknesses (x-thin, regular, and Sicilian/thick); 4 different specialty pizzas; and a host of salad, sub, and pasta dinners. Even my husband, who’s notoriously picky about his pizza, enjoys Adriatico’s pizza.

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