nice ice

photo by Anne Jansen

If you’ve ever been to Columbus, Ohio, you have probably heard of Jeni’s Ice Cream — an amazing local ice cream chain that serves up some of the most inventive and tasty flavors ever. Take the ice cream in the picture above: the top flavor is (obviously) chocolate — Jeni’s signature Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate; the flavor on the bottom is Jeni’s seasonal Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries. The official description of that flavor, taken directly from their website, says that “Buttery, milky sweet corn gives way flawlessly to sweet-tart black raspberry jam. Breath of honey on the finish.” Mmm mmm mmm! And it’s tasty, too! Add to that the company’s policy of using local and organic ingredients, and you’ll understand why this ice creamery is one of the most popular places in Columbus.

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