mumbo gumbo

Photo by Anne Jansen

Oh yes, I went to the Gumbo Shop while I was in the French Quarter, and it was a great experience. Besides being super cute (see bottom picture), it was delicious! I ordered their black beans and rice (with a corn salsa), and it was simultaneously scrumptious and inexpensive! It was so affordable, in fact, that I ordered this drink:


Photo by Anne Jansen

That’s a virgin strawberry daiquiri, made with fresh Louisiana strawberries…and it was TASTY! Notice that drip making its way down the side of the glass. I licked it up after I took this picture. That’s how good this drink was! And it was the perfect refreshing beverage for the end of a long, hot, humid day filled with walking and snapping photos.

To top it all off, the Gumbo Shop has character, too! For proof, look at my next photograph. I’d suggest you give this place a try if you’re looking for some gumbo, some local flavor, and an affordable but yummy place to eat.


photo by Anne Jansen

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