08th Jun2011

no place like home

by amjansen

Photo by Anne Jansen

Just around the corner of Canal Street and Magazine Street, there was a surprise waiting for me: the Ruby Slipper Cafe. It’s a cute little cafe tucked away in a quiet corner bordering the French Quarter. They had the BEST PANCAKES I’ve ever had — they were the daily special: Cookies ‘n’ Cream Pancakes. They took the cookie part of Oreos and crushed them up, baked them right into the pancake. Then they took the cream part of Oreos and melted them down, poured the syrup right on top of the pancakes. They were absolutely amazing. They were positively heavenly, and perhaps the most creative take on pancakes I’ve ever had the opportunity to eat. If you have the chance, head to the Ruby Slipper Cafe and try out their special pancake of the day.

While I was there, I also had an Abita root beer. Abita’s a local brewery, and the root beer was tasty. Sweet without being saccharine, nicely carbonated, and with a nice aftertaste. If you see this stuff in your local convenience store, pick up a bottle and try it out. It’s quite good, as far as root beer goes.


Photo by Anne Jansen

Finally, the interior of the cafe is also really cute, so here it is — for your viewing pleasure. It’s clean, airy, and nicely decorated with beautiful chalk menus and stories (like the story of how the cafe got its name — because when the owners returned to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, they felt that nobody said it better than Dorothy did: there’s no place like home).


Photo by Anne Jansen

The Ruby Slipper Cafe on Urbanspoon


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