a new orleans tradition

Photo by Anne Jansen

I’d never heard of a beignet before I started planning my trip to New Orleans. Then, all of a sudden, everyone I asked said I had to try the beignets at Cafe Du Monde. What an experience! I arrived outside the cafe on a Sunday morning around 10am, and there was a line half a block long. Figuring it’d be worth it, I stood in line. It took a surprisingly short time — maybe only 10-15 minutes — and suddenly I was being seated at a cute little table. I ordered the beignets (a plate of 3 for $2.14) and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. When my order was brought to my table, the waiter set it down and waited for payment (cash only, due upon receipt of food). Then he left me to my meal, and it was super yummy. It reminded me a bit of abelskievers — 3 to a plate doused in powdered sugar, but the similarities end there. The beignets were warm, fresh out of the…well, whatever they take them out of (I don’t think it’s an oven, but saying “fresh out of the deep-fryer” doesn’t sound very appetizing). Warm, sweet, and light. You HAVE to try these if you get a chance!
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