23rd Jun2011

pancake magic

by amjansen

Photo by Anne Jansen

The first time I drove by the Pancake Pantry in Nashville, there was a line out the door and nearly around the block. When I returned the next morning (at the bright and early time of 8:00am to ensure a short wait time), I was lucky to only have to wait a few minutes for a table…but then I had to choose which pancakes I wanted — not an easy task, with over 20 different kinds of pancakes on the menu! I settled on the Apricot-Lemon Delights. These pancakes had dried apricots, pecans, and lemon in them and were a light and refreshing way to start the day. While I was there, I couldn’t help but get a cup of hot chocolate. It was nothing special, but it was better than typical diner hot chocolate and was topped off with mini-marshmallows. I understand why the Pancake Pantry has been in business for 50 years now — it has great food for affordable prices, and the staff was friendly and warm despite the crazy-long line already forming outside the door.


Photo by Anne Jansen

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