20th Jul2011

appetizers galore

by amjansen

Photo by Anne Jansen

Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits is owned by the owners of the Surly Girl SaloonTip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, and Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace. Just like the other places, the menu at Betty’s is creative and interesting. A friend and I went there for lunch and ordered 3 appetizers to split between the two of us. My personal favorite of the appetizers was the order of Hearty Potato Pancakes (pictured above). The potatoes were crispy and soft, and of course the cheese smothering them was melted to perfection.

Photo by Anne Jansen

We also ordered the plantains, which came with a spicy yogurt sauce that was a nice complement to their subtle sweet flavor. It’s rare to find plantains in a restaurant, especially way up in Ohio…but these plantains were fresh and yummy.

Photo by Anne Jansen

Finally, we finished off our order with an old favorite: the Classic Quesadillas. They were, like the potato pancakes, melty in all the right ways. The tortillas were crispy with a hint of butter on the outside, and the herbs and spices were tasty. The service was just as good as the food; our waitress was friendly and the food was quick. It was a great mid-day treat!

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