danish “pancakes”

Photo by Anne Jansen

I grew up in the next town over from the Danish village of Solvang, California, so the breakfast dish known as the æbelskiver was nothing foreign to me. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized how rare this particular food is in the US. In Solvang, the best place to get your æbelskivers is at the Solvang Restaurant. Served in sets of 3, the æbelskivers are nice and fluffy on the inside, and piping hot to boot. The smathering of raspberry jam adds flavor to them, and the dusting of powdered sugar tops off the whole thing perfectly. If you’re ever near Solvang and have the chance to swing by the Solvang Restaurant, give the æbelskivers a try! And for those omnivores out there, the medisterpølse (Danish sausage) is a real treat, too. When I ate meat, I used to love a nice meal of æbelskivers and medisterpølse. Mmmm!
Solvang Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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