whipped cream & cream cheese

Photo by Anne Jansen

Travonna Coffee House is one of my favorite places to study (especially in the winter, when the dark interior provides a comfortable shelter from the bitter cold outside. Their hot chocolate is made with milk chocolate, and has that perfect sweetness that I love so much. They top it off with whipped cream and a light dusting of chocolate powder, and serve it up in a tall, thin glass that makes it feel as elegant as it is delicious.

Photo by Anne Jansen

They also offer food, and since I was in for breakfast, I had an asiago cheese bagel with a dollop of cream cheese. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but was tasty and filling nonetheless. Not to mention it was brought out to me quickly by the friendly waiter who took my order at the counter. Travonna is a nice little haven for anyone looking to study or relax for a little while. They have free wi-fi for their customers, and their staff is friendly and kind.

Travonna Coffee House on Urbanspoon

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