get yourself a Sugardaddy!


This case full of scrumptious round brownies literally made my mouth water! Sugardaddy’s is a local chain that serves up a host of specialty brownies that are not only ridiculously tasty, but also perfectly round. These “sumptuous sweeties” come in three different categories: brunettes, blondes, and fire & spice. A friend and I tried out two amazing desserts (pictured below): the Caramel Brunette (left) and the Tahiti Blonde (right). Paired with a small carton of milk, these treats were just the pick-me-up we needed in the middle of a busy afternoon. As if the food wasn’t enough incentive to get yourself down to a Sugardaddy’s near you, the decor was also very hip: multiple shades of pink, swirly designs, and trendy lighting accents created a really fun and contemporary feel.


Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties on Urbanspoon

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