Pie Bird


Piebird is perhaps the most wonderful place in the world. Or at least in North Carolina. Definitely in Raleigh! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than a food establishment that serves all kinds of pies — sweet, savory, and creative. The pie pictured here is a slice of Honey & Sea Salt pie (à la mode, of course) drizzled with honey and served up warm. It was probably the best pie I’ve ever had, and certainly the most original!

On top of the great food, the waitstaff is friendly, helpful, and fun. How often can you really say you had fun ordering food at a restaurant? Well, I did. Our waitress offered great suggestions, found me this amazing slice of pie when they sold out of the Coconut Cream pie I was about to order (this wasn’t even on their menu!), and generally made our entire visit a good time. If you find yourself in Raleigh, you should definitely make some time for Piebird. You won’t be disappointed!

PieBird on Urbanspoon

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