Brilliant Breakfast

On my last morning in San Francisco this winter, I went to the Green Chile Kitchen. I want to live next door to this place. Seriously. The service was fast and friendly, the restaurant itself is open and bright, and the food is incredible. I ordered their big ol’┬ábreakfast burrito with the spicy green sauce (it was half off because of some promotion they were running!), and as soon as I was finished I wished I was still eating. It was just so good! One was more than enough, though, and the Watermelon Agua Fresca I ordered was a refreshing and light complement to the substantial burrito. I didn’t think we’d find a Sunday breakfast (and on New Year’s Day at around 10:30am) that was served up with such a small price tag and such a short wait. I know San Francisco has a ton of great food options, but this one’s pretty high up there on the list if you ask me.

Green Chile Kitchen and Market on Urbanspoon

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