Tea Surprise


The Tehku Tea Company in Dublin, Ohio, is one of my favorite winter hideouts. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and their tea selection is creative and expansive. This isn’t your ordinary assortment of black, white, and green teas. In addition to the standard fare, Tehku offers an eclectic mix of blended teas with names like Holiday Dream and Sweet Paradise. They also have a nice selection of snacks and light meals to complement their tea selection. I only planned to order the lemon-poppyseed scone (on the right side of the plate), but I was seduced by the aroma of the cranberry matcha scones (on the left side of the plate) that were baking in the oven as I ordered. The gentleman behind the counter was kind enough to bring me my scones as soon as the cranberry matcha scones were finished baking, so I had two fresh scones — one wonderfully warm and fresh out of the oven. He was also very thoughtful and, since I’d said I’d be working there for a few hours, opened a tab for me so I could order more food and tea as I wished without having to use my card each time.

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