Wild Breakfast


The Wildberry Cafe serves up a mean short stack! Their Signature Berry Bliss Pancakes (pictured above) are topped with fresh berries, Wildberry Mascarpone, a vanilla cream sauce, and a blackberry sauce. They’re super-tasty, and extremely affordable. Given the location of the Wildberry I went to — right across the street from Millennium Park — it’s really easy to grab some pancakes as you’re running about town. The wait was only 45 minutes when I went: on a sunny and warm St. Patrick’s Day, incidentally a Saturday morning, around 11:00 (about 30 minutes after they finished dying the river green), amidst swarms of green-clad revelers. In other words, it was something of a miracle that I only had to wait 45 minutes — and that after that the service was friendly and fast, and the food was delicious. I’d visit Wildberry again if given the chance. Totally recommend!

Wildberry on Urbanspoon

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