Marvelous Maribelle’s


While in Cincinnati I ended up at a trendy restaurant called Maribelle’s Tavern. The service was speedy and good, with friendly and happy staff. And the food was delicious. I ordered the Black Bean Burger (which is just what it sounds like), and it was really tasty. I mean really┬átasty. I’ll remember this burger for a while. For the included side, I ordered the Roasted Sweet Potatoes which are served up with whipped goat cheese and candied pecans. For dessert I grabbed a slice of carrot cake (to go), and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was moist and flavorful. I can’t explain in words how delicious this meal was, but if you have the opportunity to find out for yourself you should swing by Maribelle’s and do so.


Maribelle’s in Cincinnati
-Roasted sweet potatoes with whipped goat cheese and candied pecans
-Black bean burger

Good Times


During my short stay in Raleigh, North Carolina, I must have walked past The Raleigh Times about a hundred times. It’s definitely centrally located near the capital, and is a nice, simple place to grab a bite to eat. I ordered this grilled cheese sandwich — complete with avocado — and was very satisfied with its non-greasiness, its two types of cheese, and the sides (fries and homemade pickles). The service was quick, the prices were cheap, and the restaurant itself was very laid back. An overall enjoyable experience!

Raleigh Times Bar on Urbanspoon

diana’s travelling sweet show

Photo by Anne Jansen

Diana’s Sweet Shoppe is a beautiful old restaurant that Gibson Guitars has actually had dismantled and brought from its original home in Michigan to its new location in the heart of downtown Nashville. Their specialty is sweets, as exemplified by the unbelievably large cup (bowl?) of hot chocolate pictured above. Made from melted Hershey’s bars, this was a wonderful cup of hot cocoa. Of course, they also serve food.

Photo by Anne Jansen

While the soup was a bit on the thick-and-salty side, the grilled cheese with tomato was delicious and heated to perfection. The bread was nice and crispy, and the cheese was wonderfully melty. I think the best thing about Diana’s was the atmosphere — it’s a beautiful place to enjoy a meal away from the hustle and bustle of Broadway’s crowds and honky tonks.

Photo by Anne Jansen

Diana's Sweet Shoppe on Urbanspoon

german treat

photo by Anne Jansen

The German Village Coffee Shop is a wonderful local gem. It’s this tiny little hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint that serves up a good ol’ fashioned American breakfast for extremely reasonable prices. My pancakes (pictured above) were fluffy and light with lots of fresh, juicy blueberries. The hash browns (below) were cooked to perfection, and were surprisingly un-greasy.

photo by Anne Jansen

As if the food wasn’t good enough, the beverages were delicious as well. The attentive waitstaff kept my friend’s coffee cup filled to the brim, and my hot chocolate (pictured below) was served up with a healthy flower of whipped cream on top. It’s the perfect place to grab a tasty breakfast for a small price, and to soak up the ambiance of a cozy family favorite while you eat.

photo by Anne Jansen

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