How do you take your eggs?


Over Easy Cafe is one of those tiny little breakfast joints that’s so top-notch you wonder how they fit all their customers into such a limited space. Their food is locally-sourced, fresh, and well-prepared. I typically go for the Basic Breakfast (pictured above), and it may be “basic” but it’s definitely a cut above the rest. That’s their house “soysage” you see between my scrambled eggs and side of fruit, and yes, you can opt for a biscuit instead of toast (at no extra charge).

In addition to breakfast, Over Easy has an impressive selection of juices and smoothies (that’s the Waking Up juice pictured below) which they make right there when you order. Yup — freshly juiced fruits and veggies to round out your meal. I really, really love this place. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that they have excellent service!


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The ABCs of Pizza


Okay, this is a bit of a goofy one to post about, but I had such a good time with my friends here that I couldn’t resist. We stopped by ABC Pizza House in Cambridge, Massachusetts on our way home from a pub. ABC is a little hole in the wall pizza joint, and I ordered two pieces of cheese pizza. For pizza by the slice, it was quite tasty. Also, the staff working those late hours of the night were energetic and friendly, and made the wait really fun.

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A Moody Dessert


On the way home from a long day on the town, I swung by Moody’s Falafel Palace in the Central Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. I was just looking for a little bit of sweetness, and I found it here with a piece of baklava and some lady fingers. The prices were super cheap, and the treats were good. While there’s no place to sit inside Moody’s, it’s a cozy little place nonetheless and the food was nice.

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Casa Deliciosa


My trip to Casa Blanca was 100% fate. I was in town for a conference and found myself wandering around downtown with a couple of conference buddies during the allotted lunch break. I ordered their cheese enchilada, which was very inexpensive but extremely good. It was simple, classic Mexican fare. The service was fast and friendly, the atmosphere was pleasant, and the food was yummy. A great accidental find!

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Tiny Bakery


The French Loaf Bakery in Grandview, Ohio, is a great little place that dishes up quality pastries, pies, and cookies (plus an assortment of other baked goods) for surprisingly low prices. The tiny bakery is staffed by friendly and helpful people who let you take your time as you peruse their bountiful cases. When I went in, I purchased this adorable cherry pie (pictured above) that was tasty and fresh — and how cute are those star-shaped cut-outs? They’re a nice touch that made the pie really fun to eat! I also couldn’t help myself and grabbed a Croissant Amandes (a croissant filled with almond pastry cream and topped with powdered sugar and sliced almonds). It was beautifully messy, and unbelievably delicious. If you have $5 and feel like a nice sweet treat, swing by this charming little bakery and check out their delectable selection.


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There’s a new sandwich shop in town in Columbus, Ohio — a little place called The Commonwealth Sandwich Bar in Columbus, Ohio. It is, quite likely, the tiniest food joint I’ve ever been to, aside from a food cart. There are three tables in Commonwealth, and they’re usually full. However, it’s a nice shop. The service is friendly, and the menu is creative. I had a sandwich called the Haute-Hippie — one of two vegetarian options on the menu — and it didn’t disappoint. The flavors were incredible, and it wasn’t greasy or overly rich. It was definitely worth the visit.

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Pie Bird


Piebird is perhaps the most wonderful place in the world. Or at least in North Carolina. Definitely in Raleigh! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than a food establishment that serves all kinds of pies — sweet, savory, and creative. The pie pictured here is a slice of Honey & Sea Salt pie (à la mode, of course) drizzled with honey and served up warm. It was probably the best pie I’ve ever had, and certainly the most original!

On top of the great food, the waitstaff is friendly, helpful, and fun. How often can you really say you had fun ordering food at a restaurant? Well, I did. Our waitress offered great suggestions, found me this amazing slice of pie when they sold out of the Coconut Cream pie I was about to order (this wasn’t even on their menu!), and generally made our entire visit a good time. If you find yourself in Raleigh, you should definitely make some time for Piebird. You won’t be disappointed!

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custom omelette


This omelette from the Wildflower Cafe (no working website) is served up to perfection. The veggies that comprise the filling are mixed in with the eggs in a way that makes the dish nicely balanced and difficult to stop eating. In fact, this particular omelette is a special order (it’s the Western Omelette with potatoes subbed in for the ham and bacon) — and the chef and waitstaff are always very obliging to me when it comes to making alterations and substitutions like this. Now, the service at the Wildflower can be a bit slow (mostly when it comes time for the bill — the food service is actually very prompt), but the food is good and definitely worth any wait. The atmosphere of the small cafe is cozy in an English-cottage kind of way, and it’s pleasant enough to spend a bit more time relaxing and talking over your morning cup of coffee while waiting the extra time for your check to be brought out to you.

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german treat

photo by Anne Jansen

The German Village Coffee Shop is a wonderful local gem. It’s this tiny little hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint that serves up a good ol’ fashioned American breakfast for extremely reasonable prices. My pancakes (pictured above) were fluffy and light with lots of fresh, juicy blueberries. The hash browns (below) were cooked to perfection, and were surprisingly un-greasy.

photo by Anne Jansen

As if the food wasn’t good enough, the beverages were delicious as well. The attentive waitstaff kept my friend’s coffee cup filled to the brim, and my hot chocolate (pictured below) was served up with a healthy flower of whipped cream on top. It’s the perfect place to grab a tasty breakfast for a small price, and to soak up the ambiance of a cozy family favorite while you eat.

photo by Anne Jansen

24 hour treat

photo by Anne Jansen

Buckeye Donuts, open 24 hours a day, is perhaps the best place in town to get these round treats. Always light and flavorful, the donuts at Buckeye Donuts are cheap and tasty. They’re the perfect treat for a late-night snack or an early-morning sugar fix…or for when you just feel like having a donut.

bison witches

photo by Anne Jansen

Since the delis in Columbus, Ohio (where I’m currently living) have been somewhat disappointing, especially for little ol’ vegetarian me, I was ecstatic when my friend took me to Bison Witches on 4th Avenue in Tuscon, Arizona, where I had the best sandwich I’ve had in a long time. Notice the thick slices of rich wheat bread, the ingredients spilling out, and the perfectly toasted golden-brown color. Three cheers for this Witch!

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