When life gives you limes…


Limones is a Mexican restaurant, but on weekends they serve up a mouth-watering Mexican-inspired brunch. (Yes, those are churros with a cup of hot chocolate pictured above!) They have some brunch classics, like the scone pictured below, but they also have a comprehensive menu of unique brunch dishes. I ordered the Three Cheese Chile Relleno with two fried eggs, home fries, guacamole, creme, and cascabel sauce (see final picture below). I loved it. I’d eat it again right now if I could. You should go eat it. Seriously. Go!



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Casa Deliciosa


My trip to Casa Blanca was 100% fate. I was in town for a conference and found myself wandering around downtown with a couple of conference buddies during the allotted lunch break. I ordered their cheese enchilada, which was very inexpensive but extremely good. It was simple, classic Mexican fare. The service was fast and friendly, the atmosphere was pleasant, and the food was yummy. A great accidental find!

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Cantina Deliciosa


While wandering around Chicago’s River North district, I ended up at the Cantina Laredo. I didn’t know at the time, but it’s actually a large national chain. Regardless, their food was delicious. We had them make their “top shelf guacamole” (pictured above) for us, and it was fresh and spicy — just what we wanted.


I also ordered a mango margarita (above), which was delicious — not too sweet, not too strong — and the Enchiladas de Avocado (below). I never would have thought to put avocados and artichokes together in an enchilada, but it was incredible! Of course, nothing was as incredible as the dessert.


For dessert, we ordered the churros, which came with strawberries and a delicious chocolate-y, caramel-y, Grand Marnier-y sauce. Oh. My. Goodness. These churros were … I don’t even have words. Crispy and fresh on the outside, warm and melty on the inside. Cinnamon and sugar dusting the outside and sticking to your fingertips. I wanted to lick the plate when they were all gone. Seriously.


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Brilliant Breakfast

On my last morning in San Francisco this winter, I went to the Green Chile Kitchen. I want to live next door to this place. Seriously. The service was fast and friendly, the restaurant itself is open and bright, and the food is incredible. I ordered their big ol’ breakfast burrito with the spicy green sauce (it was half off because of some promotion they were running!), and as soon as I was finished I wished I was still eating. It was just so good! One was more than enough, though, and the Watermelon Agua Fresca I ordered was a refreshing and light complement to the substantial burrito. I didn’t think we’d find a Sunday breakfast (and on New Year’s Day at around 10:30am) that was served up with such a small price tag and such a short wait. I know San Francisco has a ton of great food options, but this one’s pretty high up there on the list if you ask me.

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a pink drink & enchiladas

photo by Anne Jansen

Yesterday I ended up at Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar — a truly wonderful culinary experience (albeit with an unbelievably, comically horrible waiter). Dinner started with the lovely pink drink pictured above: a virgin blended Prickly Pear Margarita. Delicious! Then came the guacamole (pictured at the bottom of this post), made-to-order right in front of us to our desired level of hotness. The accompanying chips were lightly spiced with a chili powder medley that lent them a nice mild flavor of their own. Finally, the main course:

photo by Anne Jansen

That’s right: cheese enchiladas verdes, and boy was that sauce fresh! As you can see, the meal came with rice and beans — light, fluffy rice and vegetarian refried beans — and the enchiladas were perfectly cheesy without being sickeningly rich. A hard balance to attain, I’ll admit, but nicely done in this case! Yummy! Slightly overpriced, but definitely worth it if you’re willing to splurge.

photo by Anne Jansen

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