Tiny Bakery


The French Loaf Bakery in Grandview, Ohio, is a great little place that dishes up quality pastries, pies, and cookies (plus an assortment of other baked goods) for surprisingly low prices. The tiny bakery is staffed by friendly and helpful people who let you take your time as you peruse their bountiful cases. When I went in, I purchased this adorable cherry pie (pictured above) that was tasty and fresh — and how cute are those star-shaped cut-outs? They’re a nice touch that made the pie really fun to eat! I also couldn’t help myself and grabbed a Croissant Amandes (a croissant filled with almond pastry cream and topped with powdered sugar and sliced almonds). It was beautifully messy, and unbelievably delicious. If you have $5 and feel like a nice sweet treat, swing by this charming little bakery and check out their delectable selection.


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chocolate and gold…for dessert!


This delicious “Brazilian” is an amazing little cake. It’s filled with almond cake, pecans, coffee, and milk chocolate. And of course, you can see the gold shavings decorating the outer milk chocolate layer, as well as the other pieces of chocolate, the bits of fruit, and the various syrups and whipped cream that adorn this well-plated little dessert from Spagio. Another great little edible from that wonderful restaurant!

lemon delight


I purchased and ate this delightful cupcake from the Global Gallery coffee shop in Columbus, but it was made by Melissa’s Incredible Edibles across the street. The frosting dissolved on my tongue and was the perfect balance of sweet/tart, and the cupcake itself was fluffy and light. It was a delicious treat, and was super-reasonably priced. If you get the chance to try out Melissa’s Incredible Edibles, you should go for it. I’m glad I did!

a boatful of joy

Photo by Anne Jansen

This Cherry Boat is my absolute favorite treat from Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery in Solvang. Olsen’s is one of my all-time favorite places to eat, and with good reason. Their pastries are made by a real pro — you’ll be hard-pressed to find a crust more delectably flaky, fillings more perfectly formed, and sweets more visually appealing than these. Of course, there are definitely a number of good bakeries in Solvang, but this one is one of the best. In the winter, Olsen creates a giant gingerbread house (about 4 feet tall) elaborately decorated with icing and puts it out on display in the main eating area. But the sweets…oh, the sweets are available year-round. The staff is friendly (if a bit inattentive), and their laissez faire style makes lingering an acceptable activity. Give this one a try if you’re ever in the area!
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a new orleans tradition

Photo by Anne Jansen

I’d never heard of a beignet before I started planning my trip to New Orleans. Then, all of a sudden, everyone I asked said I had to try the beignets at Cafe Du Monde. What an experience! I arrived outside the cafe on a Sunday morning around 10am, and there was a line half a block long. Figuring it’d be worth it, I stood in line. It took a surprisingly short time — maybe only 10-15 minutes — and suddenly I was being seated at a cute little table. I ordered the beignets (a plate of 3 for $2.14) and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. When my order was brought to my table, the waiter set it down and waited for payment (cash only, due upon receipt of food). Then he left me to my meal, and it was super yummy. It reminded me a bit of abelskievers — 3 to a plate doused in powdered sugar, but the similarities end there. The beignets were warm, fresh out of the…well, whatever they take them out of (I don’t think it’s an oven, but saying “fresh out of the deep-fryer” doesn’t sound very appetizing). Warm, sweet, and light. You HAVE to try these if you get a chance!
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sweet sweets

Photo by Anne Jansen

I’ve been hearing about Pistacia Vera ever since I moved to Columbus, and I ate there for the first time last month. Why I ever waited so long is beyond me — just look at the Chocolate Bombe (pictured above) in all its glory. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of eating that luscious dessert. But since I went with three other people, we each got a dessert so we got to sample four different treats!

Photo by Anne Jansen

The Flourless Truffle pictured here was amazing. With flavors of chocolate and raspberry and passion fruit, it was a dessert I’d fight someone for. Seriously — I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. Just look at those layers of rich flavor…. And to counter the richness of the Flourless Truffle, I ordered the Lemon Tart (pictured below).

Photo by Anne Jansen

It was a refreshing and light tart that really hit the spot on that particularly humid September afternoon. The crust was also scrumptious. I mean, just look at it! How can you not want to stick a fork in that? And of course, the last of the four desserts: the Pistachio Strawberry Dacquoise.

Photo by Anne Jansen

Yum. I mean, words can’t describe what a tasty treat Pistacia Vera is. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s ever enjoyed anything sweet at all. And as if the food wasn’t enough, this little dessert boutique is decorated in a simple but contemporary style that shows off the old brickwork in the building, but highlights the natural light pouring in from Third Street in the German Village with its floor-to-ceiling windows and wrap-around view. If you haven’t gone here, you really should! (And if you’ve already gone there, go back!)

24 hour treat

photo by Anne Jansen

Buckeye Donuts, open 24 hours a day, is perhaps the best place in town to get these round treats. Always light and flavorful, the donuts at Buckeye Donuts are cheap and tasty. They’re the perfect treat for a late-night snack or an early-morning sugar fix…or for when you just feel like having a donut.

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