When life gives you limes…


Limones is a Mexican restaurant, but on weekends they serve up a mouth-watering Mexican-inspired brunch. (Yes, those are churros with a cup of hot chocolate pictured above!) They have some brunch classics, like the scone pictured below, but they also have a comprehensive menu of unique brunch dishes. I ordered the Three Cheese Chile Relleno with two fried eggs, home fries, guacamole, creme, and cascabel sauce (see final picture below). I loved¬†it. I’d eat it again right now if I could. You should go eat it. Seriously. Go!



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A True Treat


I visited¬†Treats in Wiscasset, Maine, several times during the short time I was in town. Their cute interior design made it a pleasure to stop in, and their creative menu added an element of surprise to my morning scones. My favorite scones were the Strawberry Rhubarb scone (above) and the Ginger scone. I also experienced some made-to-order vegan cupcakes (ginger) that we had for a friend’s birthday. They were, like the scones, a real delight. In addition to their delicious baked goods, Treats also boasts an extensive selection of Harney & Sons teas, and great, friendly service. I think this is one of the most aptly named food establishments I’ve been to. The name really does say it all!

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Tabard Inn Restaurant


We The Restaurant at Hotel Tabard Inn is a lovely old joint. It’s full of nooks and crannies, and the bar staff is incredibly sociable and nice. While I was a guest at the hotel itself, I made a habit of swinging by the bar in the evenings on my way up to my room and grabbing a hot cup o’ tea to take with me. They serve Harney & Sons tea, and always gave me my tea with a side of cream, sugar, and lemon. I also ate at The Restaurant for the complimentary breakfast. Oh man, this was the best complimentary breakfast I’ve ever had. The scones were literally fresh out of the oven (I was there really, really early), so they were all warm on the inside, and steamed when I broke them open. They were some of the best scones I’ve ever had. So yummy! On my last day in town, I also spent a few hours in the lounge portion of the restaurant — a cozy room with dark wood walls, an eclectic assortment of old stylish old furniture, and a cozy candlelit vibe.


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A Sweet Start


I used to eat at Jeannine’s Bakery and Restaurant when I still lived in Santa Barbara, California. I remembered them for their relaxed and sunshiny atmosphere and their scrumptious baked goods, and when I went back after about 7 years, they were just as good as I remembered them. Perhaps better, since their menu strikes me as being more creative than it was last time I was around (but that’s based sheerly on old memories, so don’t quote me on that). I knew immediately that I had to try their coconut and pineapple scone (pictured above). Oh man, it was incredible. And my friend ordered the strawberries and cream scone (below), which was equally delicious. The strawberry scone was milder and would have been great with a glass of cold milk, while the coconut scone was just amazing all on its own. Of course, for old time’s sake I also had to get a croissant for later (pictured at bottom), and it was just as light and fluffy as I remembered it being. I’ll be back next time I’m in town, and you can believe I’ll be counting down the days for this treat.



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Tea Surprise


The Tehku Tea Company in Dublin, Ohio, is one of my favorite winter hideouts. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and their tea selection is creative and expansive. This isn’t your ordinary assortment of black, white, and green teas. In addition to the standard fare, Tehku offers an eclectic mix of blended teas with names like Holiday Dream and Sweet Paradise. They also have a nice selection of snacks and light meals to complement their tea selection. I only planned to order the lemon-poppyseed scone (on the right side of the plate), but I was seduced by the aroma of the cranberry matcha scones (on the left side of the plate) that were baking in the oven as I ordered. The gentleman behind the counter was kind enough to bring me my scones as soon as the cranberry matcha scones were finished baking, so I had two fresh scones — one wonderfully warm and fresh out of the oven. He was also very thoughtful and, since I’d said I’d be working there for a few hours, opened a tab for me so I could order more food and tea as I wished without having to use my card each time.

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o-high-o tea

photo by Anne Jansen

After two years of living in Columbus, I finally found my way to a place that serves a decent afternoon tea: the Cambridge Tea House in Marble Cliff (near Grandview). This little tea house had a delicious high tea for a reasonable price, and they really served up a great tea. I made reservations a day in advance (a good thing because it was packed for lunch when we went) and requested that one of the teas be made vegetarian.

photo by Anne Jansen

They were happy to oblige me, and while most of their sandwiches were veg-friendly (I’m an ova-lacta vegetarian, meaning I eat eggs and dairy — if I wasn’t, I’d have had to tell them) they did go out of their way to alter the grape and tuna tart for me, giving me a carrot and hummus tart (pictured above) instead. The other sandwiches, pictured below, included a uniquely spiced egg salad sandwich and a wonderful apple, cheese, and almond sandwich.

photo by Anne Jansen

They also had the requisite scones (pictured below), which were their currant scone (a regular fixture at the CTH) and the scone of the day. Both were delicious, baked to perfection.

photo by Anne Jansen

Finally, to conclude the tea (and by the way, the tea itself was amazing — I’d recommend the Florence tea, a hazelnut and chocolate black tea, to anyone who enjoys a sweet cuppa) there were two different desserts (both pictured below): a chocolate mini-muffin with creamy peanut butter frosting, and a refreshing lemon pastry with a fresh raspberry on top. If you enjoy afternoon tea, you should definitely give the Cambridge Tea House a try!

photo by Anne Jansen

mmm stumptown

photo by Anne Jansen

Some friends of mine took me to Stumptown Coffee, a neighborhood favorite in Portland, Oregon. This was the most unusual cup of hot cocoa I’ve had — it didn’t have that bitterness that Starbuck’s hot chocolate has, and it was sweet and flavorful without being saccharine. Not to mention the design of the foam and whipped cream was really cute, and only added to the appetizing nature of the beverage. Along with my hot chocolate, I had a delicious raspberry and hazelnut scone.

photo by Anne Jansen

This scone was really delicious — the combination of fresh raspberries and chopped hazelnuts was really scrumptious (of course, I’m a huge fan of hazelnuts, so it’s hard to go wrong when they put them into the scone) and I think I can honestly say that this is the best scone I’ve ever had. You don’t get that many unique flavors in scones, but this one was a new twist on a more traditional fruit scone. Delicious!

photo by Anne Jansen

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