Tabard Inn Restaurant


We The Restaurant at Hotel Tabard Inn is a lovely old joint. It’s full of nooks and crannies, and the bar staff is incredibly sociable and nice. While I was a guest at the hotel itself, I made a habit of swinging by the bar in the evenings on my way up to my room and grabbing a hot cup o’ tea to take with me. They serve Harney & Sons tea, and always gave me my tea with a side of cream, sugar, and lemon. I also ate at The Restaurant for the complimentary breakfast. Oh man, this was the best complimentary breakfast I’ve ever had. The scones were literally fresh out of the oven (I was there really, really early), so they were all warm on the inside, and steamed when I broke them open. They were some of the best scones I’ve ever had. So yummy! On my last day in town, I also spent a few hours in the lounge portion of the restaurant — a cozy room with dark wood walls, an eclectic assortment of old stylish old furniture, and a cozy candlelit vibe.


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Golden Nugget


So technically, Nugget is a grocery store in Davis, California, not a deli. That doesn’t stop it from being my absolute favorite deli of all time. I’m not kidding. I love Nugget. I make a point of stopping in whenever I’m even remotely near Davis (or Sacramento, Woodland, Vacaville, etc. where they have other locations). This particular location — the Covell Road location in Davis — is my personal favorite. Their ingredients are just so good — super fresh, top quality, and they have a huge variety of toppings. They also toast the sandwich for you if you want, and that makes the whole thing all warm and delicious. I sat outside in the sunshine to eat this sandwich, and it was a wonderful lull in my travels. If you’ve never been to Nugget, you absolutely must go in — for groceries (esp. artesian cheeses and chocolates), for beverages, and definitely for a sandwich. I’d move back to Davis for this store alone!

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24 hour treat

photo by Anne Jansen

Buckeye Donuts, open 24 hours a day, is perhaps the best place in town to get these round treats. Always light and flavorful, the donuts at Buckeye Donuts are cheap and tasty. They’re the perfect treat for a late-night snack or an early-morning sugar fix…or for when you just feel like having a donut.

pizza yum yum

photo by Anne Jansen

After two years of trying different kinds of pizza in Columbus, I’ve discovered the answer to the great question of what pizza parlor is the best in town: Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza. Located near the intersection of 10th and Neil, Adriatico’s (which is so good that it doesn’t require a website) is one of the few pizzas that has a delicious crust — one I actually find edible (I’m picky about crusts). Their thick crust, or Sicilian, pizza has a light and almost flaky crust. Their menu boasts 18 different toppings; 4 different sizes (including small/personal, medium, large, and Buckeye); 3 different thicknesses (x-thin, regular, and Sicilian/thick); 4 different specialty pizzas; and a host of salad, sub, and pasta dinners. Even my husband, who’s notoriously picky about his pizza, enjoys Adriatico’s pizza.

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